Great Reviews!

So we are almost half way through our Edinburgh experience and some reviews have started coming in! Check them out!

***** - Quotidian Times

“A veritable tour de force, Baxter gives what must surely be a major contender for best performance of the Fringe 2014. … I would recommend this show to anyone and in a year when I have yet to see a disappointing piece of drama and the standards are high ‘Silk Road’ and Baxter are the best yet by quite some way.”

***** - The Public Reviews

“Baxter relates his story to the audience like they are his best friend and they are, because he enthrals, entertains and holds them. This is new writing at its best, well-staged and brilliantly acted, if only more festival shows were like this.”

**** - Broadway Baby

“James Baxter gives several nuanced performances under Dominic Shaw’s direction, bringing alive the wide-eyed Bruce and his shuffling, lisping Nan alongside a group of fleshed-out and hilarious minor characters.”

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